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A Fantastic Business Opportunity For You

Confluence group invites you to review a comprehensive Business Partner (You) program which gives you a fantastic business opportunity to expand your business and earn incremental revenue. If you are directly or indirectly associated with HR practices then this is the right program for you.

Industry Interview


The Recruitment Industry in India

  • Growing at 21% per year
  • Worth Rs. 35,000 crores as per Executive Recruiters Association and Ernst & Young. From it permanent recruitment estimated at over Rs3,000 crore
  • The search industry is pegged to have a market size of over Rs 700 crore.
  • India has one of the largest flexible staffing workforce numbers in the world, next only to China and the US. Flexi staffing market is poised to grow 10% to 15% year-on-year.
  • Virtual talent marketplaces where automated process are used to rank and scout for fresh talent are proving to be disrupting the staffing industry
  • Social recruiting is now the norm — 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social to support their recruiting efforts.

Training industry in India

  • It is the starting point for developing a temporary work-force.
  • A company with training facilities has an edge in terms of an employment-ready and local temporary workforce.
  • The country has become the second largest market for e-learning after the US. The sector is expected to reach US$ 1.96 billion by 2021 with around 9.5 million users.

We can join as BP

  • Good track record and reputation in the business.
  • Understands HR/Education/Training space
  • Well established and well networked in the city/state.
  • You can be appointed for a city or state depending on your
    business plan and desire to grow your company and invest in it
  • You have been operating offices in the city for which Business
    partnership is sought.
  • You have a professional qualification (preferred) and hold the
    values of the group as your own
  • You are keen to grow your business
  • Have strong focus on excellence and performance


Your Role


  • You can join us as an Operations Partner, Business Developmentpartner or a combination of both
  • Operations Partner : Your role will be executing mandateswhich Confluence group receives from it’s set of clients andallotted to you to complete
  • Business Development Partner : You will source new businessacross the various Lines of Business(LOB) the company works in
  • Combined : You will be involved in Business Development andin Operations
  • Expected Role and Responsibilities
    • Provide active business referrals
    • Assist in generating proposals if required
    • Manage the logistics of the mandate
    • Participate in the mandate if required
    • Identify and refer candidates who match the mandates
    • Coordinate with the clients/candidates to close amandate, if required

Support Provided

  • Confluence group will share mandates with You
  • Mandates can be for Recruitment or any other LOB
  • Territory of operations will be mutually agreed
  • Design for brochures, mailers. standees. posters,banners will be provided where required and mutually agreed for deployment
  • Support can be provided for conducting seminars at institutions
  • Centralized support for all lines of business through aSPOC (Single point of contact)


Benefit To You As BP


  • NEW CLIENTS : Attract new clients due to thebreadth of services provided
  • CHOICE : Wide range of business options that can beoffered to a client and candidate
  • STRONGER RELATIONSHIP : Ability to offer multipleservices to existing clients and create a strongerrelationship
  • TEAM : The management team comes with vastexperience and network in the industry
  • PROCESSES : Work with transparent and customercentric processes

On Boarding Process

  • If you are keen to partner with us you discuss the geographic locations. the LOBs you would be interested in
  • You will then be forwarded a Registration form which you need to fill and forward to Confluence with the required documents
  • We will review the request and revert with status within 7 days
  • Once approved we will forward an Agreement form for signatures. Copy of the same will be sent once signed by us for your records.
  • Once agreement signed You/your team will undergo an Induction training on SKYPE/Face to face (if possible) where we will share all the details of the various LOBs. the process to be followed and the team you will be interacting with



If you have had a good or not so good experience as a candidate or recruiter, We always look forward to your feedback to keep us striving to do better.

Partnership Options

We offer 3 models of partnerships, please email us at or call us at 9376933105 for the options and pay out structures